Arbola Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Constituent Services
    • 311 Call Centers
    • Housing Assistance Funds
    • Bus Tracking Services
    • Application In-Take Systems

    Arbola configures a variety of Constituent Service Solutions from 311 call centers to housing assistance funds to bus tracking services to public portals to application in-take systems. How an organization responds to constituents and customers determines the quality of their services.

  • Inventory Management
    • End-to-End Tracking Interfaces
    • Chain-of-Custody Management
    • 360 Monitoring Systems

    Arbola offers Inventory Management Solutions that help our clients track anything from inception to obsolescence, and to manage chain-of-custody throughout the process. Never lose anything again. Know what sits idle and for how long.

  • Licensing & Inspections
    • Governance & Compliance
    • Mobile & Cross-Platform Systems
    • Process Optimization

    Arbola deploys Salesforce Licensing and Inspection Solutions that help agencies govern the licensing of public services, and then to inspect and ensure compliance with rules and programmatic guidelines. The solutions are straightforward, mobile, and efficient.

  • Healthcare
    • Budget, Finance & Insurance
    • Case Worker & Hospital Systems
    • Data Analytics & Dashboards

    Arbola has waded into the deep complexity of Salesforce Health Solutions for health insurance, health finance, and healthcare case work to give caseworkers, hospitals, budget administrators, and nonprofits broader access and higher quality data for their decision-making needs at federal, state, and local levels.

  • Legal Matter Management