Applied Insight Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Altitude

    Altitude provides a modular, scalable, and rapidly deployable infrastructure platform that delivers robust security, governance, and compliance capabilities with an uncompromised end-user experience.

    By leveraging Altitude, organizations can offload the heavy-lifting of building, configuring, securing, and managing an enterprise cloud-based environment to the Applied Insight team, and instead can focus on accomplishing their mission.

    Altitude was designed to address the major pain points when performing a large-scale cloud migration or attempting to increase organization-wide cloud adoption – ensuring a heightened end-user experience in the cloud without sacrificing financial or security integrity.

    Every Altitude instance is uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of its users and attain successful Authority to Operate (ATO) accreditations throughout a multitude of Public Sector organizations.

    Altitude serves organizations throughout the Public Sector, across all classification domains, to enable cloud-based missions for tens of thousands of users and hundreds of distinct project teams.


    SHIFT provides a software testing platform to emulate any air-gapped, classified, or customer-specific cloud region from an unclassified terminal - paving the way for successful low-to-high side development.

    SHIFT solves the challenges that low-to-high cloud developments pose - due to the fact that high-side cloud regions are completely different than low-side regions. These differences can dramatically slow down unclassified software development activities destined for high side deployment, especially when originally targeted to increase deployment times and lower costs.

    SHIFT eliminates all barriers to low-to-high cloud development and ensures that any unclassified code will work flawlessly when deployed in classified spaces.