Anomali Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Anomali STAXX

    Anomali STAXX gives you a free, easy way to subscribe to any STIX / TAXII feed. Simply download the STAXX client, configure your data sources, and STAXX will handle the rest.

  • Anomali Enterprise

    Anomali Enterprise (AE) is a powerful Threat Hunting engine that compares millions of IOCs against your internal traffic to identify active threats. AE is the only solution that scales to analyze millions of IOCs against billions of events/day, over 365 days.

  • ThreatStream

    Mission Control for Threat Intelligence

    Anomali ThreatStream combines threat data from feeds and other sources with data from inside the network to surface relevant threats to an organization.

    By mapping Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) with a strategic threat model, analysts using the ThreatStream platform are able to quickly identify, investigate and react to security threats.