AmbiFi reimagines how we create, learn and follow procedures to get things right.

AmbiFi is a cloud native ambient computing company with the first Ambient Clinical Copilot Platform for Healthcare. AmbiFi reduces clinician cognitive load, closes skill and experience gaps with ambient intelligent guidance at the moment of need hands-free, ensuring performance, efficiency, engagement, and safety while reducing costs. AmbiFi empowers experts to easily capture and share knowledge using proven aviation methodologies, no-code, AI, mobile and voice-first technologies including iOS/Android phone/tablets/speakers and Vuzix’s smart glasses technologies.

AmbiFi provides healthcare professionals hands-free voice access to peer reviewed and approved procedures, protocols and pathways using secure mobile smart devices. Clinicians can interact with an Ambient Clinical CoPilot as well as connect to a live expert via HIPAA compliant video, voice, and text to receive in-the-moment hands-free guidance in precise context with the clinical procedure, protocol, or pathway.

Customers use AmbiFi to manage all the interaction and rich media content (video, voice, images, text, etc.), no-code collaborative authoring, clinical peer review and approval workflows, automated procedure usage tracking and analytics, live collaboration, voice recognition & transcription, EHR documentation, global multi-language deployment (online and offline players) and integration services including AmbiFi APIs, FHIR EHR integration, xAPI and SCORM for LMS tracking & reporting, medical devices, IoT and other systems to inform procedures, audits, decision support and BI integration services.

“AmbiFi is like having experienced clinicians by your side providing a cognitive net - teaching, documenting EHRs, intelligently guiding you every step of the way - except on a secure mobile device.”

Validated templates and use cases include clinical protocols and guidelines, critical checklists and audits, sterile processing, OR surgical teams, SOPs, medical device procedures, onboarding, nurse guidelines, administrative procedures (EHR), complex clinical pathways, research and clinical trial protocols, ambulatory, code blue emergency procedures and patient education/discharge instructions including complex medication/medical device procedures to ensure they are understood & followed.

See, speak, and hear in any language how you can lower costs and improve outcomes by significantly reducing error rates, clinician cognitive load, patient readmittance, and close skill/experience gaps improving safety, performance, efficiency, quality and clinician/patient engagement,

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