Alteryx, Inc. Analytic Platform

  • Alteryx Designer


    Prep. Blend. Repeat.

    The leading solution for data prep, blending and analytics, with drag-and-drop capabilities that speed up every step of the analytic process.

    Automate Every Analytic Outcome

    Automate every step of analytics, including data prep, blending, reporting, predictive analytics, and data science. Access any data source — big or small, on the cloud or on-premises — and experience the simplicity and power of a self-service platform.

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  • Alteryx Designer Cloud


    Intuitive, cloud native analytics solution

    Designer Cloud is the data analytics solution that enables you to connect, prepare, blend, and output data in an easy, highly visual, code-free way and is meant for anyone who interacts with data.

    ROI at the Speed of Now

    • Get to ROI in just a matter of minutes with near instant access to Designer Cloud. 
    • Experience more flexibility in accessing analytics with Alteryx, and now, anyone can access insights through a browser, including Mac users. 

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  • Alteryx Server


    Analytics Automation at Scale

    • Share and govern your analytic workflow processes, models, and data
    • Create workflows with Alteryx Designer, and publish them to Alteryx Server to schedule reporting and automated outcomes
    • Scale analytics organization-wide with built-in data governance, centrally-managed security, and high availability

    Automate Critical Analytic Processes

    Publish analytic workflows, processes, and models to Alteryx Server and then automate them so your team’s work is always repeatable and always and has maximum impact.

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  • Alteryx Connect


    Save, search, and access every asset in one place

    Find approved assets and save time by leveraging the analytic work of others. Alteryx Connect helps you collaborate across departments and keeps all your assets, workflows, apps, and more governed and organized.

    Catalog Assets and Collaborate

    Alteryx Connect changes how organizations discover, govern, and collaborate across data and analytic assets. A powerful data catalog combined with advanced analytics empowers everyone to quickly find, manage, understand, and collaborate across departments and the organization.

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  • Alteryx Intelligence Suite


    Unlock Data from PDFs and Images

    • Extract text from documents (e.g. invoices, business cards, forms, etc.) with Google Tesseract’s powerful OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities
    • Develop image classification models and apply those models to new images with Image Recognition

    Generate Insights with Best-In-Class NLP

    • Leverage more complex data, like semi-structured and unstructured text, without needing to code
    • Identify and categorize topics in text with Topic Modeling
    • Understand and quantify the emotions behind your data with sentiment analysis

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  • Alteryx Location Insights


    Location and Business Datasets
    Enrich insights with location and consumer intelligence

    Transform any analysis with Alteryx Location + Business Insights datasets. Build transformational outcomes with ready-to-use data from trusted market-leading providers directly within Alteryx Designer.

    Pinpoint With Location Insights

    Enrich your analytics with a deeper understanding of customers and locations. Explore  locations on detailed street maps or satellite image overlays. Cleanse and standardize addresses to improve data quality and business outcomes.

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  • Alteryx Machine Learning


    Intuitive, Approachable AutoML

    Scale data science across your business with automated machine learning (AutoML) and feature engineering, empowering business domain experts and data scientists alike to accelerate insights.

    Uncover Hidden Signals

    With Alteryx Machine Learning’s Automated Insight Generation, you’ll quickly uncover hidden signals and key relationships in your data.

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