Alation is the leader in collaborative data cataloging. The Alation Data Catalog empowers analysts and information stewards to search, query and collaborate for faster, more accurate insights. The platform leverages artificial intelligence to automatically capture the rich context of enterprise data, including relationships between data sets, analyst usage and trusted insights.

Alation customers include the City of San Diego, Albertsons Safeway, eBay, Pfizer, Square, and some of the world’s largest financial services firms.


Alation Enterprise Data Catalog

  • Automated Data Catalog - Alation indexes all your data for business use. Machine learned patterns of usage are surfaced alongside the technical details to create complete context for the user.
  • Business Glossary - Alation’s ML algorithms learn the lexicon of your business, standardizing references through automated and consistent recommendations of user-friendly data labels.
  • Data Lineage - Alation gives users full insights into the systems that the data hopped through before it hit your report or dashboard, what transformations were made at each stage, and what other reports or dashboards are consumers of the same data.
  • Social Curation - Alation communicates clearly to users the internal experts that stand behind every data set. Endorsements, warnings, and deprecations are clearly marked and communicated.