Airversity Services

  • Part 107 Exam Preparation

    FAA exam preparation for unmanned pilot with Part 107 operations regulation training to effectively pass the exam. We provide both live and online classes.

  • Drone Flight Training

    Drone flight skill training from basic to advanced, equipment overview tailored to client’s own aircraft, flight platform in depth review, mission planning, how to read drone mission expectations, flight and weather operations, understanding airspace rules, crew resource management , log book keeping, payload management, and capturing high resolution photogrammetry.

  • Introductory GIS

    Introduction to geographic information science, spatial location via imagery and mapping process, and map and data outcomes.

  • Thermal/IR

    Learn how thermal and infrared sensors work in drone imagery, use cases and flight operations

  • Multispectral/Hyperspectral

    When and how to use multispectral and hyperspectral sensors specifically in vegetation and other terrestrial data collection.

  • Public Safety

    Specific flight training for emergency management in catastrophe, disaster, law enforcement suspect pursuit, accident recreation, wild fires, flooding, search and rescue and structural fire management.