Abstract Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Abstract CA

    US-based startup Abstract creates Abstract CA, an all-in-one workspace that delivers an AI-powered legislative tracking assistant to bolster the workflows of government affairs teams. The digital workspace offers a convenient and efficient way to instantly brief stakeholders and influence legislation effectively. The startup’s AI-powered bill search and real-time reports enable users to stay up-to-date on legislative information and remain productive on the go with mobile access. Abstract thus streamlines government affairs management, improves stakeholder communication, and enhances the legislative process.

    Abstract CA Key Features:

    • All-in-one legislative tracking platform
    • Real-time legislative notifications/alerts
    • Centralized home for internal notes
    • Collaborative environment with teammates and stakeholders
    • Generative AI position letters (support/opposition)
    • Access to team of Legislative Product Consultants to ensure optimal product use
  • Abstract Enterprise

    Abstract’s latest tool Abstract Enterprise harnesses the power of AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) to supplement the analyses of internal corporate departments, beyond government affairs. The tool is industry and jurisdiction agnostic and deployed on a client-by-client basis with the objective of making internal and external datasets more accessible, usable, and efficient. Working in tandem with trellis.law and Google’s BARD program, Abstract Enterprise will help any corporation uncover information that they may be fundamentally overlooking, thus enhancing and accelerating internal analyses.

    Abstract Enterprise Key Features:

    • SOC2 Compliant
    • Sandboxed Datasets
    • Jurisdiction agnostic (local/state/federal)
    • Industry agnostic
    • Legislative and regulatory analysis
    • LLM trained on internal and/or external data sets