A Cloud Guru Solutions for the Public Sector

Our B2B product suite is:

  • Cloud Training

    Entertaining, educational videos to learn AWS, Azure, and Google cloud platforms

  • Skills Assessment

    60-minute dynamic assessment that gauges cloud skills across an individual and organization, providing a clear picture of current cloud proficiency.

  • Exam Simulator

    Practice test environment that lets students evaluate their cloud skills to pass actual certification exams.

Some of the main features of our cloud learning content are:

  • Hands-on-Labs

    Projects and labs that provide students the ability to execute day to day tasks

  • Sandbox Environment

    Hassle-free, risk-free AWS environments that provision with one click and provide employees with a safe space to learn cloud.

  • Certification Accelerator

    Admin-managed program that guides study groups on a week-by-week basis of what to watch, do, and read to accelerate passing a certification exam.

  • Career Learning Path

    A sequential set of content that can be assigned to users to develop core skills required for 5 cloud career tracks: Architect, Data, Developer, DevOps and Security.

  • Reporting API

    Automated transfer of raw data from platform to a data warehouse or other system within an organization

  • Management Portal

    Centralized dashboard for easier management of training program.Easily manage training program from one centralized dashboard. Add and remove users, assign courses, study groups, and learning paths. Build reporting groups, access business reporting.