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September 01, 2020

Special Report: INKY Identifies Thousands of Phishing Attacks That Slip Through Legacy Solutions

INKY Technology Corporation, an email protection startup that leverages the power of unique computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI), today announced the release of the ...

May 27, 2020

Majority of COVID phishing attacks coming from US IP addresses, report finds

COVID-19 phishing emails have been bombarding inboxes since the virus began to spread in December and January. Cybercriminals have tried to push all kinds of scams to the masses ...

April 02, 2020

Office 365 Phishing Uses CSS Tricks to Bypass Email Gateways

A phishing campaign using Office 365 voicemail lures to trick them into visiting landing pages designed to steal their personal information or infect their computers with ...

January 15, 2020

New Report Spotlights Changes in Phishing Techniques

As email security providers strengthen their defenses, attackers develop new ways to work around them. A new report from Inky sheds light on how these techniques are evolving to ...