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3CLogic is a leading cloud contact center platform modernizing enterprise communications with their employees and customers. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the solution provides advanced and scalable speech-enabled offerings for ServiceNow’s various service management offerings including ITSM, CSM, HR. With deployments on four continents and a growing base of Global 2000 clients, 3CLogic drives digital transformation by improving CX, organizational efficiency and reporting insights using CTI, IVR, ACD, call recording, screen-pop, text-to-speech, IVR analytics, ServiceNow integrated reporting, and much more. 3CLogic is a ServiceNow Silver Technology Partner.


  • IVR

    ServiceNow embedded drag-and-drop IVR.

  • CTI

    ServiceNow integrated Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).

  • ACD

    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).

  • Call Hold

    CTI ability to put an active call on hold.

  • Call Transfer

    CTI ability to transfer an active call.

  • Click-to-call

    Ability to embed and initiate an active call from a phone enabled field from within ServiceNow leveraging 3CLogic’s CTI.

  • Click-to-SMS

    Ability to embed and initiate an outbound SMS from a phone enabled field from within ServiceNow leveraging 3CLogic’s CTI.

  • Call Monitoring

    Out-of-the-box administrative option which provides Whisper and Silent Monitoring of agents for coaching or quality management purposes.

  • Call Disposition

    Ability to configure call result codes by queue to establish the outcome of each customer engagement, which can post a simple summary code to ServiceNow or trigger automated workflows (ie: after a call is marked "resolved", have ServiceNow send a survey).

  • Screen-pop

    Fully customizable ability to present or "screen-pop" the appropriate ServiceNow screen (ie: Incident, Case, etc.) to a receiving agent during a call to optimize time and improve the customer experience.

  • Screen Recording

    Configurable ability to record an agents screen during the duration of a call and store it against the relevant ServiceNow record (ie: Incident, Case, etc.) for future reference.

  • Call Recording

    Configurable ability to record a call and store it against the relevant ServiceNow record (ie: Incident, Case, etc.) for future reference.

  • Call Queue Management

    Seamlessly create and manage call queues from within ServiceNow.

  • Activity Posting

    Automatically associate call records (ie: notes, call duration, call disposition, call recording, etc.) to the appropriate record in ServiceNow.

  • ServiceNow Chat Presense

    Create an omnichannel experience by creating conditions between ServiceNow's native chat and 3CLogic's CTI to help seamlessly manage channel prioritization and agent productivity (ie: if on a ServiceNow chat, do not present a 3CLogic call or visa versa).

  • Dynamic Scripting

    Ability to build dynamic and CTI embedded scripts that can both pull and post data from ServiceNow to help guide agents through a call.

  • Integration Designer

    A 3CLogic-unique offering for ServiceNow to allow end-users to easily configure call flows and routing rules (ie: when to screen-pop or create a new Incident, etc.) as an extension of the IVR to enable easy configuration of complex use cases without the need for coding.

  • Dynamic Caller ID

    Ability to identity a caller based on their caller ID and drive automated flows within ServiceNow.

  • Text-to-Speech

    Easily type rather than record audio files for IVR prompts or enable virtual agent use cases with a fully embedded text-to-speech offering.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Ability to transcribe calls, associate them to the appropriate ServiceNow record, and apply machine learning to establish a call "sentiment" or score which can drive automated tasks or workflows in ServiceNow.

    *Summer/Fall release

  • Reporting & Analysis

    Enjoy integrated reporting with ServiceNow to drive a consolidated view of what drives customer engagements and tickets/cases or leverage 3CLogic's advanced reporting & analytics platform to create and automate your own reports.

  • IVR Analytics

    A fully embedded IVR Analytics offering to help monitor and measure the efficiency of your IVR at each stage/branch.

    *Summer/Fall Release


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