2019 F5 Government Technology Symposium

The 7th Annual F5 Government Technology Symposium was held on March 19-21, 2019 in Tysons Corner, VA. At the interactive symposium, attendees learned about the risks of operating ‘as is’ and how to protect their agency leveraging F5 infrastructure. Thought leadership on the need to develop an Enterprise Application Policy, as well as practical F5 certification training were covered as well.

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Track 1 – Boot Camp 101

F5 Boot Camp 101
Preparation class for the F5 101 test. Topics included OSI model, networking essentials, and F5 portfolio overview.

This session focused on SSL Orchestration and Automation with the SSLO version 5.0 lab. This lab provided good insight and hands-on knowledge on how to leverage SSL inspection and orchestration to further enhance your organization’s security posture.

Track 2 – Boot Camp 201

F5 Boot Camp 201
Preparation class for the F5 201 test. Topics included LTM essentials, troubleshooting, and TMOS commands.

F5 & Microsoft Azure
In this session, challenges of DoD cloud adoption and examine exciting solutions to meeting complex requirements of the Secure Cloud Computing Architecture were discussed. The following area were explored:

  • CAP/SCCA/VDSS requirements
  • The status of Azure Government and the programs in place to use it
  • How F5’s Virtual Data Security Stack helps you meet the SCCA mandates
  • Live demo of deploying a VDSS into Azure Government Cloud
  • Overview of a POC for a shared VDSS model for Cybersecurity Service Provider organizations
  • Solutions for a virtual, scalable way to meet O365 CAP/VDSS demands using Azure and F5

Track 3 – Security

Security Boot Camp

This session covered the basics of setting up a Web Application Firewall. The hands-on lab included an overview of basic Web Application Vulnerabilities using a lab environment with exposed applications and learning how to create Web Application Firewall rules to mitigate those vulnerabilities.

Track 4 – Authentication

The Zero Trust Model
This course provided a basic understanding of the Zero Trust Model and using F5 Access Policy Manager to help implement.

MultiLayered DDOS Protection
Implementing DDOS Protection at layers 3-7 of the OSI model to protect against advanced DDOS attacks from Automated tools (BOTS), Hackers, or Nation States were discussed in this session.

Cisco & F5 Joint Solutions
This session covered the latest F5 integration with Cisco CloudCenter, Network Services Orchestrator, Tetration, Software Defined Networking (SDN), along with automation with Ansible. A live demo environment was available using F5’s latest app for Cisco’s App Center showwcasing policy-enabled workflows using application service extenstion (AS3).

Access Policy Manager Essentials and Privileged User Access
This session went over how to set up a basic APM policy, reating a webtop, and integrating with back end authorities - AD, Kerberos, and SAM for cloud architectures.

BIG-IP & BIG-IQ Cloud Edition
This session focused on how to leverage BIG-IQ Centralized Management and BIG-IP Per-App VEs to deliver advanced app services and lifecycle management - including autoscale, self-service management for app owners, and per-app analytics in VMware private cloud and AWS on Microsoft Azure public cloud environments.

Track 5 – Partner Use Case



Secured Cloud


Access and Authentication

API Protection