1Kosmos Solutions for the Public Sector

  • BlockID Verify

    One solution that supports both workers and customers.

    1Kosmos BlockID Verify provides out-of-the-box support for both business-to-employee (e.g. I9 employment eligibility) and business-to-customer (e.g., Know Your Customer) identity verification. Our solutions are certified to FIDO2 and NIST 800-63-3 standards to perform an instant IAL2 certified identity.

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  • BlockID Workforce
    • Employee onboarding and secure remote access require identity proofing.
      • Our solutions verify that the live facial biometrics of new employees and remote workers match valid credentials to make sure they are always who they claim to be.
    • Strong authentication backed by strong identity with interoperability and minimal risk
      • We’ve gone through the rigor of FIDO2 and NIST 800-63-3 certification to help our customers avoid vendor lock-in and vulnerabilities from code that didn’t or couldn’t pass industry standard review.
    • Self Service Enrollment / Reusable Digital Identity
      • Workers are typically invited to enroll via email or text. It takes just a minute or so to download the app, scan their biometric, verify a credential, and bind their digital identity to a corporate (e.g., Microsoft Active Directory) account.
      • With our enrollment, their reusable digital identity is ready for FIDO2 passwordless access on mobile, Windows or Mac and via any of seven identification methods including device biometrics, LiveID, push message, email/SMS/Token, 3rd party hardware token, Windows Hello, and MAC TouchID
  • BlockID Customer
    • Protect account creations and logins with identity proofing
      • Our solutions perform a Know Your Customer identity verification that is certified to NIST IAL2 and ensures legitimate new customer account creations and logins.
    • Prevent fraud with strong customer authentication
      • Our FIDO2 certified platform meets GDPR and PSD2 requirements for strong authentication of user logins and cryptographically signed transactions using a LiveID biometric (what you are) and secure key (what you have).
      • 1Kosmos BlockID Customer performs identity verification in 150 countries and can include agent assisted document verification. In partnership with Zenkey we can also establish trust from the user’s mobile device, SIM, carrier account and location and via a similar partnership with Plaid establish trust from pre-proofed Bank ID’s at over 11,000 banks.
      • We offer multiple ways to verify identities to enable businesses to trust that they are transacting with legitimate individuals who are who they claim to be. Our systems are specifically designed and certified to industry open standards to evolve with the needs of our customers.