10ZiG Tech Solutions for the Public Sector

Zero Client & Thin Client Hardware

10ZiG Thin Clients are optimized for virtual desktops and offer the latest VDI clients preinstalled, with support for PCoIP, HDX, EOP, and RemoteFX. Combining the best of breed in security, high performance and flexibility, 10ZiG devices offer the complete desktop experience. Our goal is to take the complexity out of Desktop Virtualization by providing Thin Clients and Zero Clients with components that simplify implementation, improve management and enhance the user experience. Our Thin Clients and Zero Clients are available in a wide-range of hardware options including Wireless Tablets, All-in-Ones and small form factor units, with a choice between CE.Net, Linux, Windows Embedded 7 and Windows Embedded 8.

  • V1200-P
  • V1200-QP
  • V1200-PF
  • V1200-QPF
  • V1200-H
  • V1200-HF
  • V1200-QH
  • V1200-QHF