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Thank you for working with Zoom’s Distribution Partner Network and Zoom’s #1 Public Sector Partner to get the best government pricing. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or if we can further assist you with your order. We look forward to supporting your success with Zoom.


Who We Are

Carahsoft provides innovative technology solutions that support mission-critical customer applications in government agencies. Carahsoft combines extensive knowledge of the technologies we provide with a thorough understanding of the government procurement process to analyze needs, provide configuration support, simplify the ordering process, and offer special government pricing. As a customer-centric organization, Carahsoft is dedicated to serving the needs of our technology manufactures, government end-users, and reseller ecosystem while providing government agencies with the best possible technology solutions at the best possible value.


What We Do

As Zoom's Master Aggregator and the Trusted IT Government Solutions Provider, Carahsoft is dedicated to supporting your success with Zoom. Our growing team of full-time specialists are here to help customers explore all of the possibilities with Zoom. When you renew your Zoom licensing through our partner network, not only are we going to follow up with you months before your maintenance expiration to ensure no lapse in service, we'll be a constant resource throughout your maintenance period to help you take advantage of Zoom's newest features, learn best practices, and ensure your success.


Real-Time Access to Your Account Team

Our team of Zoom Specialists are here to help you get the most out of your investment. Contact Zoom@Carahsoft.com with any questions regarding your Zoom account.

For questions about renewing your existing account, contact our Renewal Team directly at ZoomRenewals@Carahsoft.com.

Enable Your Account

Zoom Client – How to Enable Zoomgov.com

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Starting with Zoom Client 4.6.9 users can expose zoomgov.com dropdown (EnableCloudSwitch) by signing into the web portal (zoomgov.com) and hosting a call or via MSI.


Desktop How to Enable:

1. Download 4.6.9 or greater desktop client from zoomgov.com/download

2. Install 4.6.9 or greater desktop client from 

3. Sign into Zoom for Government web portal 

4. Once signed into Zoom for Government click HOST A MEETING

5. After the user has ended the meeting the Zoom 4.6.9 or greater client will have the zoomgov.com dropdown (EnableCloudSwitch) enabled. Users can switch between zoom.us and zoomgov.com



Mobile How to Enable:

1. Download 4.6.9 or greater mobile client from your device’s respective store

2. Sign into Zoom for Government web portal on your mobile device

3. Once signed into Zoom for Government click HOST or LAUNCH ZOOM APP

4. After the user has ended the meeting the Zoom 4.6.9 or greater, the client will have a toggle button for zoom.us and zoomgov.com. Users can switch between the commercial (zoom.us) and Government environment

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How to Enable via MSI/plist:

1. MSI / plist switch: EnableCloudSwitch=1 to turn on the switch

2. If the customer is using a SSO URL, this switch can lock the cloud to ZfG: ForceSSOUrl.zoomgov.com

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Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings Training Reference Guide

Schedule Your Meeting

Set Date, Time, and Duration of your meeting. Learn more about your Personal Meeting Room

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Will You Host This Meeting Again?

Schedule a Recurring Meeting. Learn more about Scheduling Recurring Meetings


Requiring Registration for a Recurring Meeting

Customize Registration Enablement. Learn more about Scheduling Meetings with Registration


Customize Your Meeting Options

Schedule for, Meeting Passwords, Video and Audio. Enable ‘Join Before Host’, Mute Participants Upon Entry, Enable Waiting Rooms, Record Meeting, Alternative Hosts



Invite Your Attendees

Add the scheduled meeting to your calendar or ‘Copy the Invitation’ to send out the meeting invitation.


Other Meeting Scheduling Options

Zoom offers multiple methods to schedule a meeting. Learn more about Scheduling Meeting options.


Customize In-Meeting Features & Functionality

Before you host your meeting, review your ‘Meeting Settings’. Learn more about all Available Settings.

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Zoom Webinars

Subscription & Renewals

Zoom Hardware




Zoom Hardware

Contact our team to find out more about hardware solutions that pair with your Zoom account: Zoom@Carahsoft.com


Read more about Zoom launching its Hardware as a Service program with products that provide access to Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms as a subscription service.


Poly + Zoom

Poly Solutions for Zoom provides premium audio and video products for an elevated video conferencing experience.



Schedule a Demo

Schedule a Demo


Need More Help? Schedule a Demo!

Our internal Zoom Specialists host live weekly demos where you can see firsthand how to get started with your account and ask questions in real time.


Follow this link to sign up to attend a Demo Desk Session: 



If you are unable to attend a session, you can also contact us to set up a one-on-one demo:

Connor Treacy
Account Representative | Demo Specialist

Seth Robbins
Account Representative | Demo Specialist


Watch a recorded Demo Desk Session here: