Workiva State, Local, & Higher EDU Solutions

  • Financial Reporting

    Easily and efficiently create all components of the ACFR and other reports: creating charts, graphs, text files, and spreadsheets, and linking data from a single source to various destinations throughout reports for data accuracy and consistency. All while having the flexibility to easily add new sections, modify narrative, change or insert new linked charts and tables, and create PAFR reports.

  • Budget Reporting

    Merge multiple file formats into a single, publication-read document. Easily and efficiently create all components of the Budget Book from within the consolidated and user-friendly platform for the budget book data, creating charts, graphs, text files, and spreadsheets, and linking information from a single source to various destinations throughout reports for data accuracy and consistency. Export the completed Budget Book as a pdf document, including charts, graphs, narrative information, and/or connected embedded spreadsheet tables.

  • GASB87

    The GASB 87 Lite Solution automates processes associated with lease calculation and reporting in alignment with GASB 87 requirements. The GASB 87 pronouncement changes the way leases are calculated and reported. Using the Workiva platform, organizations can tackle their GASB 87 requirements and do not need extensive lease management tools. The Solution provides lease data collection forms so users throughout the organization can document each lease and summaries of all leases broken down between Governmental and Enterprise leases. Within the solution, you’ll have a presentation that presents lease dashboards for management oversight.

  • Audit Management

    Workiva's Audit Management solution is the perfect choice for auditing teams who are looking to stay ahead of the curve. The Workiva platform features centralized and safe cloud-based access to audit data, as well as a dependable data and document-centered system. It can improve the internal audit process and help your team make a real difference to the organization. Thanks to Workiva, inefficient and time-consuming manual audit procedures can now be streamlined and automated, giving your team more time to focus on things that really add value.

  • Financial Controls

    The Internal Controls Management Solution enables you to utilize assessment forms for self-assessments (risk, controls, etc.), KRI monitoring, process reviews, or any other similar activity. The technology enables you to automatically send out requests to relevant individuals, monitor the activity in real-time, send out reminders, aggregate the results, reflect them within the RCM, and incorporate them into relevant reports/presentations. Control testing is a key element of the Internal Controls Management Solution. The Workiva platform enables organizations to create and store internal control reviews performed on assessable units within the tool.

  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

    Identify, assess, aggregate, respond and report on risks impacting the agency using a single tool. The risk assessment process is completed within the platform, and results are linked to dashboards, reports and visualizations providing real-time information, data consistency and transparency.

  • Policies and Procedures

    Develop a unified, enterprise-wide policy and procedure management system that is verifiable, uniform, easily accessible, and always current. With interconnected reporting, teams can make simultaneous modifications to policies, gather a record of modifications, and monitor project completion.

  • IT Risk & Compliance

    By using Workiva's connected platform, assessments, evidence, and reporting can be gathered together into a single, audit-ready space. This makes it simpler to manage IT risk and compliance across the whole organization. Different frameworks such as COSO, NIST, and ISO can be linked to the associated risks and controls.

  • ESG Reporting

    Deliver high-quality disclosures to your most important stakeholders. Connect information directly into sustainability reports, surveys, annual reports and more. Leverage pre-built frameworks. Simplify your assurance process. Build security and control permissions over all users and data.