Workiva Federal Solutions

  • Audit Management

    Conduct risk assessments that drive the annual audit plan, manage resources and workpapers for OIG audits in a secure, collaborative environment. Automate evidence collection for testing purposes and remediate identified issues through corrective action plans, so the agency can focus on more value-added work.

  • Audit Liaison

    Manage external GAO and OIG audits by facilitating automated evidence requests, collaborating on status reports, and real-time status tracking of corrective actions. Gain more insights into the progress of external audits, findings, recommendations, and correction actions through dashboards and user-centric reports.

  • Congressional Budget Justification

    Develop your budget in a unified document where your entire team can work simultaneously to develop narratives and update budget.

  • Enterprise Risk Management

    Manage critical risk data that enables consistency and transparency, while seamlessly responding to risk with agility. Leverage standardized surveys to easily conduct risk assessments and provide Senior Management Council with real time insights that impact the agency's ability to achieve their strategic goals and objectives.

  • Federal Financial Reporting

    Build, prepare and analyze financial reports in a consolidated system of record. Manage annual performance. Connect to multiple source systems while decreasing manual effort. Improve accuracy of your data, control and maintain history for audits, and set up automated processes to create more time for high value activities.

  • Performance Management

    Centralize and review data, inclusive of revision(s) to generate quarterly and annual reports for both internal and external audiences. Create qualitative performance-related data visibility. Store historical data on which to report. Provide transparency to align on goals and objectives, and continue to monitor to meet your agency's specific performance plan.

  • Operational Risk Management

    Evaluate, score, and assign operational level risks through collaboration while staying ahead of regulatory changes. Keep up to date on key risk indicators (KRIs) across the agency. Manage incidents throughout the entire lifecycle to minimize operational losses.

  • OMB A-123

    Ensure management's compliance over the agency's responsibility for internal controls. Integrate enterprise risk management (ERM) initiatives with managing internal controls throughout the entire process, including risk assessments, internal controls testing, remediation, and assurance statement reporting.

  • ESG Reporting

    Deliver high-quality disclosures to your most important stakeholders. Connect information directly into sustainability reports, surveys, annual reports and more. Leverage pre-built frameworks. Simplify your assurance process. Build security and control permissions over all users and data.

  • Policies & Procedures

    Establish a connected, enterprise-wide policy and procedure management process where policies are auditable, consistent, accessible, and always up to date. With connected reporting, teams can make simultaneous updates to policies, collect an audit trail of changes, and track project completion.

  • Executive Presentations

    Create executive reports, Board of Director presentations, color books, agency unit reports, and other presentations in hours, not days. Connect financial reports, non-financial reports, and other important executive level information into a single, automated presentation.

  • IT Risk & Compliance

    Assessments, evidence, and reporting—all in one audit-ready space. Streamline IT risk and compliance management across the organization with Workiva’s connected platform. Map risks and controls to various frameworks such as COSO, NIST, ISO, etc.