Veritas NetBackup 10.1



Veritas NetBackup™ 10.1 delivers the industry’s most advanced cloud-optimized, at-scale data protection solution, offering protection and data management on-premises, in the cloud, and in cloud-native SaaS applications. With its latest release, NetBackup continues to radically simplify data protection, providing enhanced support for cloud workloads while delivering new resiliency features bolstering protection from edge to core to cloud.




Veritas NetBackup 10



NetBackup 10 is the industry’s first cloud-optimized, enterprise data protection solution applying software innovation and automation, delivering a more cost-effective, secure, and sustainable cloud environment. With enhanced automation, cloud-optimized backup and provisioning, and integrated protection, this new release achieves the best use of NetBackup services in the cloud and moves enterprises one step closer on the journey to achieving the end state of full autonomous data protection.