Wickr is a secure communications company transforming how companies and organizations protect valuable, high-target communications. Wickr’s secure ephemeral collaboration tools empower enterprises and end-users to ensure that no sensitive conversation remains accessible beyond its useful life and intended audience.

Wickr is built on a strong belief that privacy is a universal human right that fuels global innovation and economic growth and empowers democracy. Wickr offers peer-to-peer encrypted ephemeral consumer Messenger and enterprise-level products designed to protect urgent and sensitive data and conversations.

Discover how data encryption awareness is the future in a short interview with Wickr's CEO, Joel Wallenstrom: Wickr CEO Says Data Encryption Awareness Is the Future


  • Wickr Pro

    Wickr Pro is a security-first communications platform built to protect high-target communications and files. A vetted, simple to use collaboration tool enables teams and organizations to message, share large files, place conference calls and run projects in a controlled, end-to-end encrypted environment

  • Wickr Enterprise

    Wicker Enterprise is a secure communications tool hosted in a dedicated on-premise environment to enable organizations protect sensitive collaboration while complying with data retention requirements when needed.


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In an age of ever more sophisticated cybercrime and mass surveillance, secure communication is an increasingly rare and premium commodity. As we develop better methods and models for protecting ...
Your First Step in Boosting Corporate Security
Users on Wickr Pro can now securely connect, video conference, and share files with other companies and teams including Wickr Me users.
Deployment of a secure ephemeral messaging application has the potential to improve information security, significantly minimize the cost of electronic discovery in future litigation, and reduce the ...
Earlier this week, Privacy Tech discussed the various risks that email presents for individuals and the enterprise. Private-sector and political organizations have suffered the consequences of having ...
If you use a workplace collaboration tool like Slack or Hipchat, it's easy to fall into an assumption of privacy, throwing around gossip and even sensitive business as if it were normal cubicle ...
A very wise man once said “we are at the knee of the curve for deployment of a different model of computation”. Those words stuck with me not just because they were Dan Geer’s (or because ...


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When no industry is exempt from becoming a target of a data breach, the attacks against proprietary sensitive communications emerge as a number one risk for the enterprise and governments. Wickr Pro, a vetted and simple to use collaboration platform, is purpose-built for the enterprise by an expert ...

Wickr enables teams to enforce multi-level ephemerality for different stages of response and quickly add critical team members — inside and outside the company — to ensure that information transmitted during incident response is not accessible beyond its useful life and intended recipients.

Wickr Pro enables M&A teams to ensure that shared communication is end-to-end encrypted and inaccessible to any third party including Wickr. Teams can easily launch their own private network and start securely communicating and sharing sensitive information internally and externally without losing c...

Wickr Pro enables enterprises and large institutions to ensure that information transmitted at the highest levels is end-to-end encrypted and is not accessible to any third party including Wickr. Wickr Pro helps to enforce strong information security by automating strict data destruction in accordan...


Wickr is a secure communication platform that uses the industry's leading end-to-end encryption and controlled data deletion to ensure that sensitive law enforcement content does not remain beyond its useful life and intended recipients, while preserving agencies' ability to archive and process nece...


This white paper is intended as a summary of the protocol and an aid to those who wish to audit the source code.

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, presents a sweeping set of regulations defining how businesses process and protect the data of EU consumers. Under GDPR, any organization processing the personal and sensitive data of EU citizens is responsible for ensuring much higher standards for s...

WickrPro is a vetted, simple to use platform built by an expert security team to protect high-value sensitive communications & files. Messages, large files, calls and video conference. All end-to-end encrypted. All ephemeral. User data is encrypted on the sender's device and only the recipient can a...