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VMware and Carahsoft have partnered since 2004 to up-level healthcare cybersecurity and operations. Learn more below about our suite of solution offerings custom-built for the healthcare industry!


VMware Carbon Black Healthcare Cybersecurity: Protect the Heart of Your Network

Cyberattacks and data breaches in the healthcare industry can be devastating. With the loss of privacy for sensitive information, organizations need a way to combat cyberattacks and prevent them from happening as their perimeter for attacks widens.

In most cyberattacks, the real damage is done after the initial breach when adversaries persist in the network. With the increased distribution of users, applications, and data centers around the world, the traditional perimeter is no longer an adequate defense strategy.

Your organization needs to leverage a new cybersecurity approach that includes enhanced firewalling, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and an AI-driven remediation response to truly protect the heart of your network.

VMware Carbon Black consolidates multiple endpoint security capabilities using one agent and console, helping you operate faster and more effectively.

View this on-demand webinar to learn more about how VMware Carbon Black can protect your healthcare organization with the highest-caliber cybersecurity on the market!


VMware Tanzu: Boost Your Quality of Care

Embrace building healthcare systems of the future with VMware and Carahsoft to give hospitals the ability to better integrate critical applications, handle applications at scale, and increase productivity by leveraging the benefits of digital medicine.

VMware Tanzu enables your organization to build, run, and manage modern apps on any cloud, allowing you to simplify multi-cloud operations and free developers to move faster with easy access to the right resources.

VMware Tanzu can help your organization:

  • Stay up and running to ensure application health
  • Take advantage of containerized and microservice electronic medical record (EMR) integration
  • Manage policies, protect every application from day 1, and manage data flow between applications
  • Remove data out of your systems regardless of the endpoint

Learn more about VMware Tanzu’s healthcare capabilities here!


VMware Anywhere Workspace: Up-Level Your Hybrid Care Capabilities

Healthcare jobs around the world are transitioning to hybrid and remote models of work. With this transformation, healthcare officials must be able to access their applications and patient data from anywhere.

Organizations that adopt a cloud-based application and storage platform embrace this remote mobility and deliver a more secure user experience for everyone involved. VMware’s Anywhere Workspace is the only cloud platform that specifically addresses the unique needs of remote healthcare employees.

VMware Anywhere Workspace supports remote work and a distributed workforce with an integrated solution that includes unified endpoint management, desktop and application virtualization, endpoint security, and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

VMware Anywhere Workspace offers:

  • Operational simplicity and security: Simplify daily operations through automation, zero-touch provisioning (ZTP), virtual desktop monitoring & management, and quick troubleshooting. Recover from network issues easily with remediation suggestions delivered through the artificial intelligence-powered VMware Edge Network Intelligence software.
  • Multi-factor authentication: VMware Anywhere Workspace can authenticate single sign-on (SSO) logins, prompt for multi-factor authentication, implement conditional access, and require additional authentication if confidential information is being accessed.
  • Deep analytical insights: View insights, analytics reports, and automation tools for your organization’s digital workspace in one user-friendly dashboard. Improve your internal data analysis presentations with rich visualizations to help troubleshoot & improve the remote employee experience.

Learn more about why healthcare providers choose VMware Anywhere Workspace here!


VMware SD-WAN: Connect to the Cloud from Anywhere & Help Combat Covid-19

VMware SD-WAN is the application of software-based network technologies that virtualize WAN connections. This solution decouples network software services from underlying hardware to create a virtualized network overlay. Enabling the connection of users anywhere to applications, SD-WAN offers easy of deployment, central management, and assured application performance.

Check out the use-case resources below to learn more about how VMware SD-WAN has helped combat the Covid-19 pandemic with pioneer healthcare technologies.


VeloCloud Use Case 1: Working from Home 

In-office employees must transition to working from home and acclimate to using standard home-use broadband, often sharing it with partners, kids, or other family members. For those in the healthcare field, this is no different, where doctors must now conduct their appointments virtually and monitor their patients’ health from within their own homes. With VMware SD-WAN, doctors and patients can now seamlessly continue their virtual sessions.


VeloCloud Use Case 2: Pop Up Test Clinics

Drive-by testing facilities are popping up to test greater portions of the population. These pop-up facilities require connectivity to the cloud in order to access patient records. Often, there is not convenient connectivity or a circuit anywhere near these tent locations. Using VMware SD-WAN, healthcare workers can simply use an LTE-enabled SD-WAN appliance or one with a USB port connected to a Cradle Point LTE device to connect to the internet and gain reliable and secure access to the cloud and hospital datacenters.


VeloCloud Use Case 3: Auxiliary and Overflow Health Facilities

Many healthcare organizations in the United States are considering non-hospital facilities to house sick patients once all hospital beds are in use. These auxiliary facilities require connectivity to the cloud in order to access patient records. VMware-SD WAN is an ideal fit for these facilities, as SD-WAN is easy to deploy, requires no trained staff to install, and can be brought online in minutes.


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