VMware Canada

VMware and Carahsoft are proud to support the Government of Canada to create a strategic and streamlined buying process as the SLSA contract holder for VMware. Learn more below about how our solutions can provide security, scalability, and value to your agencies.

VMware Aria: Automate and Streamline Operations Management

Organizations depend on their computer networks.

With a greater need to provide digital services at a faster pace with security and consistency, and as infrastructure and applications become more dynamic, the need for tools to troubleshoot them becomes more dynamic as well.  VMware Aria delivers a simple, yet powerful strategy for automating and streamlining operations management, helping IT teams to be more proactive and efficient.

VMware Aria is an intelligent multi-cloud management solution that uses live and predictive views to provide a unique all-inclusive view of the network that is needed in today’s complex digital world at minimal cost.

VMware Aria: 

  • Reduces unplanned downtime
  • Lower costs 
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Deliver faster time to value 
  • Reduce risk
  • Is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premises offering

VMware Tanzu: Modernize your applications and infrastructure in order to deliver better software to production

Embrace containers and the future of applications with VMware and Carahsoft to give agencies the ability to transform their applications and infrastructure in a way that is right for them and at their own pace.

VMware Tanzu enables your agency to consistently deliver and manage Kubernetes clusters on top of vSphere, and developers are set up with a complete software supply chain that can get them to production fast and continuously. Also enabling them to maintain visibility of applications in production to troubleshoot faster and improve their apps.

VMware Tanzu:

  • Can help you modernize the applications that matter most and automate the path to production.
  • Reduces authority to operate (ATO) time through automation and standardization, allowing you to take advantage of containers deployed on the vSphere hypervisor 
  • Day 1 application protection, manage policies, and manage data flow between applications

VMware Carbon Black: Adaptive prevention delivering better protection

Cyberattacks and data breaches in the government are devastating. With the increased distribution of users, applications, and data centers around the world, the traditional perimeter is no longer sufficient.

Leading to a need to leverage a new cybersecurity approach that includes enhanced firewalling, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and an AI-driven remediation response to truly protect the heart of the organizations network.

As part of VMware’s intrinsic security approach, VMware Carbon Black Cloud works to accelerate responses and defend against a variety of threats.

VMware Carbon Black consolidates multiple endpoint security capabilities using one agent and console, helping you operate faster and more effectively.

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