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Veritone aiWARE is an open, extensible Al platform that reveals mission-critical insights from audio, video and structured content. With Veritone, agencies benefit from multivariate search capabilities to seamlessly discover faces, objects such as weapons and tattoos, words, locations and more. The platform can be deployed in virtually any environment (cloud, on-premise or hybrid approach) and utilizes both commercial and proprietary cognitive engines from one centralized location.

In addition, Veritone employs Conductor™, a proprietary machine learning technology, that intelligently routes media through the most effective workflows of cognitive engines.

Process and Extract Crucial Information
Employ fully integrated best-of-breed cognitive engines and potent applications acting in concert to transform and analyze content

Direct and Optimize Cognition
Create custom, rule-based workflows incorporating cognitive processing in parallel, sequenced or chained fashion

Search Petabytes of Historical and Current Content, in Near Real-Time
Execute programmatic or ad-hoc multivariate searches against cognitive engine output, focusing time resources on the exact content that matters

Collaborate with Private and Shared Libraries
Maintain, share, and leverage secure private libraries of metadata-enriched, correlated content from preexisting and new sources

Realize Content Discovery and Insights
Gain unprecedented understanding of content with cohesive indexing and search capabilities in a broad ecosystem of cognitive engine classes on a single, integrated platform


Veritone has developed aiWARE, an Al operating system that combines proprietary cognitive orchestration technology with an ever-growing Al application and engine ecosystem.

An open ecosystem of best-of-breed engines

With hundreds of cognitive engines on one platform, aiWARE is a simple and scalable solution to improve operational capabilities.


Veritone aiWARE is beneficial for numerous agencies including:

  • Federal Law Enforcement
  • Department of Defense Agencies
  • Intelligence Community
  • Federal Civilian Agencies
  • State and Local Law Enforcement

Investigation and Intelligence Analysis

  • Centralize access and analysis across content silos
  • Conduct multivariant search against cognitive outputs (words, faces, objects, locations, and more)
  • Employ programmatic search with robust alert and monitoring capabilities

Digital Evidence Management

  • Secure sharing and collaboration for missions with multi-agency and multi-function requirements
  • Select from the widest variety of Al technologies with a cognitive engine ecosystem
  • Configure processing to prioritize cognitive engine selections by accuracy, speed or cost bias

Smart Catalog Indexing

  • Leverage automated, time-based indexing of content by cognitive output with file and user-associated metadata
  • Execute ad-hoc and programmatic, multivariate and boolean search across content from any combination of sources in seconds
  • Machine learning technology predicts the accuracy of each engine output and selects the best engines to produce the highest levels of cognition

Public Media Monitoring

  • Access near real-time and historical content across Veritone's vast public index of broadcast television, radio and streaming media
  • Analyze content for advertising effectiveness, messaging, topic assessment, and situational awareness


State & Local Contracts

Texas DIR-TSO-4288

Texas DIR Contract: DIR-TSO-4288 Contract Period: Through February 21, 2021 (with 2 option years)


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