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F5 SLEDFest 2022

F5 is going on tour! Join like-minded IT professionals in the state, local, and education space for SLEDFest in a city near you. Headlining these events will be curated content on topics and solutions listed as top priorities by SLED leadership, including cybersecurity, IT modernization, F5’s future vision, and much more. We hope you can join us in one of the cities below!


The below core sessions will be presented at each event.

Simplify Your Application Security with F5 Distributed Cloud Services

Cybersecurity initiatives are a top priority for state, local, and education (SLED) organizations. However, implementing robust security can cause significant administrative overhead and require specialized expertise that many SLED organizations simply don’t have. Learn how F5’s SaaS-based Distributed Cloud Services (F5XC) can provide simple and easy-to-deploy security services such as WAF wherever your applications reside.

Infrastructure Modernization with F5’s Next Generation Platforms

Digital transformation is driving the need for IT modernization in organizations in every sector, and state and local government is no exception. SLED customers are under immense pressure to quickly roll out digital solutions to streamline services. Creating better online experiences for citizens, lowering the total cost of ownership, and increasing employee productivity through automation are imperative requirements of these initiatives. In this session you’ll learn how F5’s next-generation hardware and software platforms can facilitate a DevOps culture, are API first, ease administrative overhead especially during upgrades/updates, and provide cost-saving scale, performance, and density.

Simple and Effective Approach to Defeating Fraud, Bots, and Account Takeovers (Sacramento and Virtual)

The pandemic ushered in a new era of cybersecurity exploits and elevated existing ones that years before were generally classified as mere annoyances. Many state and local agencies are struggling with exorbitant cybersecurity insurance premiums, rampant unemployment claims, crippling bot traffic, and in some extreme cases, ransomware. In this session, we’ll discuss how Shape’s managed security service can protect your web applications from automated bot attacks, and block account takeovers and other sophisticated attacks.