Discover Technologies is a technology solutions and services provider. Our three productivity enterprise applications are built on the ServiceNow platform and certified by ServiceNow.

Tasker is an affordable task management system, built on ServiceNow, that enables organizations of all types to manage tasks across departments with increased accountability, custom visibility, and innovative tracking and routing capabilities. Get task statuses and reports in real-time on the dashboard: on-premise, cloud, and hybrid supported.

DocIntegrator connects and provides seamless usability between SharePoint and ServiceNow. Add documents directly to SharePoint from any ServiceNow table. Retrieve, view, and edit documents inside ServiceNow: on-premise, cloud, and hybrid supported.

DocGenerator creates documents with click-to-fill data from any ServiceNow tables with seamless data integration on-premise or in the cloud. Automatically generate standard forms from system events or business rules.


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The enterprise task app for the modern workforce.

Product Brief

Automatic document creation with real-time data from ServiceNow

Seamlessly connect SharePoint to your ServiceNow apps.