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The Government sector has been tasked with unprecedented digital transformation. As part of this movement government entities have been migrating almost all citizen-facing applications and internal process applications to the cloud. Keeping all stakeholders engaged means delivering new applications, innovative features and upgrades at a faster pace. AutoRABIT delivers a purpose-built automated DevOps solution that enables developers of Salesforce applications to streamline their processes and allow growing teams of developers to collaborate and deliver high quality outcomes much faster.

AutoRABIT Automated Release Management (ARM) enables Salesforce developers, admins, analysts, and release managers automate version control, data loading, testing, sandbox management and deployment across multiple Salesforce orgs. AutoRABIT’s Metadata-aware CI Server delivers Salesforce deployments thirty times faster. Multi-threaded workflow enables parallel builds for faster release cycles. AutoRABIT automates over 80% of the tasks associated with customizing Salesforce instances.

With the discontinuation of the Salesforce Data Recovery service, departments and agencies need to have a defined cloud-based backup and recovery strategy. AutoRABIT delivers an additional product known as the Vault Backup and Recovery solution. Data governance, audit and compliance teams in departments and agencies can help meet the compliance requirements for archival, retention and recovery using AutoRABIT’s Vault product.


Core Product Line

  • AutoRABIT ARM™ Automated Release Management

    AutoRABIT’s ARM CI/CD DevOps automation solution is purpose-built for Salesforce to deliver speed and accuracy. Since it is non-native, it supports the top best-in-class tools for ALM, Version Control and Test Automation etc. ARM delivers faster deployments and scales with teams as they grow.

  • AutoRABIT Vault Backup and Recovery™

    Enterprise-grade data backup and recovery solution for Salesforce. Vault can backup and instantly recover file attachments, metadata, chatter feeds, knowledge articles and all the rich content. Archival capabilities reduce storage costs. Enables GDPR and supports customer audit and compliance needs.

  • AutoRABIT Data Loader Pro

    AutoRABIT Data Loader Pro is a powerful tool for importing and exporting data between flat files, databases, and Salesforce.

  • AutoRABIT ARM for Salesforce DX

    Automated Release Management for Salesforce DX enhances the developer capabilities and processes used by DevOps teams (who are using Salesforce DX) to configure, build and release on the Salesforce platform.

Industry Extensions

  • AutoRABIT ARM for Vlocity

    Extension to the AutoRABIT ARM product specifically designed for ecosystem partner Vlocity (recently acquired by Salesforce). Vlocity automates business processes in specific industries such as Government, Health Insurance, Media Communications and Telecom.

  • AutoRABIT ARM for nCino

    Extension to the AutoRABIT ARM product for the banking industry that provides fast and convenient data and record-based configuration migrations to significantly speed up the deployment of new features for applications that our ecosystem partner nCino deploys on the Salesforce platform for banking customers.

  • AutoRABIT ARM for Veeva

    Extension to the AutoRABIT ARM product specifically designed for Veeva as an ecosystem partner. Veeva is focused on pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

Plug-Ins and Integrations:

  • VS Code Extensions for AutoRABIT – IDE Tooling
  • Jira – Planning and user stories
  • Rally – planning and user stories
  • Subversion – version control
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps – version control
  • Git – repository and version control
  • Provar – Automated Testing
  • Selenium – Automated Testing
  • Accelq – Automated Testing
  • PMD – Static code analysis
  • Checkmarx – Static code analysis

Professional Services Offerings



Push changes from the Dev Sandbox all the way to Production fast and without errors. Deploy without needing changesets, check deployment results before actually deploying, keep environments in sync without finding dependencies or Sandbox refreshes. AutoRABIT makes you a DevOps pro without having to ...

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