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Network, Endpoint & Cloud Security for the Public Sector

For nearly 30 years, Trend Micro's unwavering vision has been to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Security is our entire focus, and it shows. This single-minded passion has inspired our innovations that keep up with the bad guys despite a changing IT landscape, riskier user behavior, and constantly evolving threats.

The depth of our experience remains unmatched. From the endpoint to the network to the cloud, we've got you covered with a connected threat defense recognized by analysts, customers, and industry gurus of all kinds.


  • Advanced Threat Detection by Deep Discovery
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Cloud App Security
  • Control Manager
  • Deep Discovery Analyzer
  • Deep Discovery Email Inspector
  • Deep Discovery Inspector
  • Deep Security for the Cloud
  • Deep Security for the Data Center
  • Digital Vaccine Labs
  • Email & Collaboration
  • Endpoint Application Control
  • Endpoint Encryption
  • Endpoint Security
  • Endpoint Sensor
  • Enterprise Support Services
  • Hosted Email Security
  • Hybrid Cloud Security Solution
  • Integrated Advanced Threat Prevention
  • Integrated Data Loss Prevention (iDLP)
  • InterScan Messaging Security
  • InterScan Web Security as a Service
  • InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance
  • Network Defense Solution
  • Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System
  • OfficeScan
  • PortalProtect for Microsoft SharePoint
  • Premium Support
  • ScanMail Suite for IBM Domino
  • ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange
  • Secure Web Gateway
  • Security Management System
  • Server Protection
  • ServerProtect for Linux
  • ServerProtect for Windows/Netware
  • Smart Protection Suite – Complete for Endpoints
  • Threat Protection System
  • TippingPoint Support
  • Education and Services
  • User Protection Solution
  • Vulnerability Protection
  • Worry-Free Services Advanced
  • Worry-Free Services
  • Worry-Free Advanced
  • Worry-Free Standard
  • Worry-Free Store

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