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Learn how SAP NS2’s GoSecure cyber defense solutions can protect your government agency’s enterprise systems with Endpoint and Inbox Security.

Federal agencies continue to be threatened by increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks that target organizational data and infrastructure. Phishing attacks targeting user credentials quadrupled since 2018, while ransomware and attacks continue to effectively target organizations with rich data to hijack.

SAP NS2 offers two cyber defense solutions for federal, state and local government. Our Tech Spotlight will give you the insight on how these solutions are protecting government agencies’ networks and data from cyber-attacks:

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  • Endpoint and Server Security: GoSecure Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) conducts active investigation and mitigation to identify both known malware and new malware variants, as well as fileless attacks.
  • Inbox Security: GoSecure Inbox Detection and Response (IDR) automates email threat resolution in the user’s inbox.

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