Red Hat OpenShift Provides the DoD with Powerful Mission Edge Computing

The amount of enterprise generated data that is created outside of enterprise data centers is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years. When examining how DoD organizations can enhance operational decision-superiority in support of continental and global efforts, agencies must optimize both where and how data is going to be processed, making mission edge computing critical in supporting that data.

Red Hat OpenShift brings full Kubernetes capabilities to edge computing environments, creating the ability to use the same tools and processes while alleviating the strain of configuring, deploying, provisioning, managing, tracking metrics and monitoring even the largest-scale containerized applications. That means all the flexibility of cloud services — virtualization, microservices and containerization combined with the speed and efficiency of edge computing to increase functionality, decrease latency, expand bandwidth and get the most from virtual and on-premises infrastructures. In this Tech Spotlight, you'll discover:

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  • How Red Hat OpenShift empowers the DoD
  • OpenShift's Key Benefits
  • A U.S. Space Force Use Case

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