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Learn how Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is transforming federal government agencies with enterprise IT automation.

Federal government agencies require robust IT and software capabilities to carry out their agency-specific missions and day-to-day operations. However, software development within government organizations comes with a unique set of challenges due to security and compliance regulations. These requirements can lead to numerous roadblocks when creating new IT solutions in the federal space, burdening developers with a significant amount of time-consuming extra work.

With Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, Federal agencies can free up that time with an easy to use, powerful solution that automates mundane tasks, enables teams to easily switch cloud providers with vendor-agnostic tooling and much more. Ansible’s capabilities can serve federal government developers through:

Tech Spotlight Red Hat Ansible Automation Graphic
  • Automating Compliance
  • Utilization Across the Enterprise
  • Flexibility Across Environments

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