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Nutanix Frame Provides Consistent and Simple DaaS for Schools

As educators look for the best technology solutions, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a clear winner, providing the simplest desktop virtualization consumption model and the most cost-effective approach to desktop virtualization. Never before has technology played such a critical role in education, transforming the learning experience from K-12 to Higher Education. Technology gives students access to critical capabilities and allows educators to enrich teaching and learning in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

With Nutanix Frame, educational institutions can deliver secure access to applications, virtual desktops, and data to students, educators, and staff from any device using just a browser from any location at any scale. Schools can lower costs by getting rid of on-premises server equipment, eliminating expensive computer labs and allowing for ease of management and fast deployments. In this Tech Spotlight, you'll learn more about:

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  • Challenges faced by educational institutions and how Nutanix mitigates them
  • How Frame addresses the cloud, security, and licensing all while remaining simple and agile
  • Direct testimonies from higher education leadership on how Nutanix Frame supported their mission

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