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Secure, Safe, and Equitable Vaccine Distribution

As several COVID-19 vaccines near regulatory approval in the U.S., the E.U., Japan, and other countries, governments around the world must establish systems to ensure effective and equitable distribution. Microsoft has been working with public and private sector organizations around the world to support this monumental task. The COVID-19 vaccine offers some unique challenges: fair allocation, prioritization and phased eligibility, registration, tracking, cold-chain storage supply, and the need to vaccinate a critical mass of the world’s population in short order during a global pandemic.

Today, Microsoft Consulting Services along with several of Microsoft’s partners are helping public health customers address aspects of COVID-19 such as contact tracing, testing, return to work, return to school, and vaccination distribution. In this Tech Spotlight, you'll learn more about:

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  • How technology supports the global challenge
  • The essential partnerships driving change
  • Microsoft's commitment to healthcare and the universal community

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