Learn how Government agencies are strengthening their Identity Governance with ForgeRock’s Autonomous Identity

Traditional identity governance solutions—which are used to manage access requests, access approvals, access reviews, and role optimizations—are starting to fall short for federal agencies as they strive to build a more modern, efficient, and flexible identity platforms. Many existing identity governance solutions lack the ability to make informed access control decisions because they are only integrated with a few authoritative sources.

ForgeRock’s Autonomous Identity provides real-time, continuous enterprise-wide user access visibility, control, and remediation by leveraging AI and machine learning techniques to provide critical insights into user access and risk profiles. Download our free Tech Spotlight and learn how ForgeRock Autonomous Identity targets your Government Agency's needs through:

Tech Spotlight ForegeRock Autonomous Identity Graphic
  • Global Visibility
  • Data Agnostic
  • High Scalability
  • Transparent AI
  • Dynamic Analysis

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