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Protecting the Attack Surface: Automating Attacker Techniques with CyCognito

In recent years, Federal and SLED markets have attempted to manage cybersecurity threats through various vulnerability management systems. The attack surface has been approached in a singular way that has led to very limited visibility of extended IT ecosystems. Attackers are going to avoid this small area of the attack surface and look for weak points to launch an attack. It is critical that these markets proactively address paths of least resistance that the attacker takes in order to improve security posture.

CyCognito’s platform takes the attackers’ perspective in order to expose risks and provide prescriptive remediation guidance through automation within a SaaS based platform. As there is no deployment necessary, CyCognito begins scanning every asset associated with an agency. Through a trainable machine learning algorithm CyCognito begins to prioritize threats while simultaneously running automated security tests which countermeasures cannot detect, avoiding false alarms and creating a more optimized workflow for risk management. In this Tech Spotlight, you'll discover:

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  • Public sector challenges in cybersecurity defense
  • CyCognito's comprehensive platform for the attack surface
  • How the platform works and its major benefits

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