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Plan for System Interoperability with Micro Focus Cyber Resilience Framework

The Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity is a direct result of the prevailing cyber threat landscape. In order to comply with evolving cybersecurity mandates and requirements, government organizations need a network security system that protects sensitive data.

CyberRes, a Micro Focus business, provides services and tools to help public sector agencies address security gaps to achieve a zero trust architecture and comply with federal mandates. Learn how federal departments are leveraging CyberRes for multifactor authentication, unified access control and data protection frameworks to safeguard their networks.

In this Tech Spotlight, you'll discover:

Tech Spotlight CyberRes Zero Trust Architecture Graphic
  • Cybersecurity challenges faced by government agencies today
  • CyberRes offerings like NetIQ Advanced Authentication
  • Several key benefits of the CyberRes solution

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