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Cofense Stops Phishing Attacks at Federal Agencies

Cybersecurity is the top concern for most federal agency CIOs as threats grow more numerous and more sophisticated every year. Are you confident your organization is prepared for an attack? In this “not if, but when” environment, time is of the essence. Can your agency recognize and remove a threat quickly enough?

To meet these challenges, federal agencies must address the risks through a comprehensive phishing defense program that not only includes industry-leading solutions but also builds up employee resilience through a positive workplace culture. Only Cofense® offers the protection your organization needs—with an end-to-end phishing defense. Cofense PhishMe™ enables federal employees to better spot and report phishing attacks, protecting the data they safeguard. In this Tech Spotlight you'll learn more about:

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  • Challenges faced by government agencies today, such as protecting mission critical information and supporting remote workers
  • How PhishMe can improve your agency's security, response time and preparedness
  • The advantages of FedRAMP authorization

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