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Modernize Your Software Delivery with CloudBees

In government, programs succeed or fail based on the software they produce. And it doesn’t just matter what is built and delivered, but how. Teams across development, security, and operations (DevSecOps) all strive for the same end result: software that is worthy of release. But that isn’t always easy, especially as scale and complexity increase, so agencies must evolve to embrace modern software delivery practices.

CloudBees provides all the ingredients for modern software delivery through a single orchestration platform: the Software Delivery Automation Platform. It embraces all best-in-class DevSecOps tools to connect, automate, orchestrate, measure, and analyze everything, so agencies can continuously ensure that software delivery is benefitting their missions.

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  • CloudBees Platform Highlights
  • How the platform provides continuous insight, confidence and innovation
  • A case study detailing how CloudBees supported the IRS

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