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Streamline Governance and Administration With Clear Skye, a Native Now Platform Solution

Over the past few years, federal agencies have been undergoing various digital transformations to streamline their processes, comply with standards and regulations, and modernize their platforms. For many agencies, a key component of that digital transformation is ServiceNow’s Now platform, which started as a help desk tool a decade ago and has evolved into a service that manages governance, security operations, incident management, and HR operations for the majority of federal agencies.

Identity and access management software company Clear Skye has partnered with ServiceNow to offer its Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution through the Now Platform, allowing agencies to manage governance alongside other critical functions in a centralized location. In this Tech Spotlight, you'll learn more about:

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  • Challenges faced by Government agencies today
  • How Clear Skye and ServiceNow built an established platform
  • The streamlined onboarding process

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