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Lean Agility for the Government

There is a famous statistic that 70% of IT projects fail, however, there are ways to improve the odds of your IT project succeeding. In particular, lean agility development is a different way of approaching the same work at a very high level. This approach provides predictability, allows organizations to respond more frequently to change, and emphasizes continual improvement. More and more companies are adopting lean-agility practices and it is becoming more popular in government as well. In fact, federal agencies have a mandate to adopt agile and digital practices quickly, demonstrating strong performance while shifting their ways of working.

RightStar can provide government agencies with the tools and expertise to drive lean-agile transformations. RightStar enables you to connect your organizational and technology operations in real-time, allowing you to embrace change and make speed an advantage.

In this Tech Spotlight, you'll learn more about how RightStar has developed its offerings around agile transformation and changing the way that organizations work through:

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  • Using Jira Align
  • Planning for a Successful Transformation
  • Atlassian and RightStar's Partnership

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