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Stave builds ServiceNow platform Apps that help clients Simplify Work and empower their regular users to interact with the Organization's process, resources, assets and data in a digital way. The only supply chain solution with native cybersecurity and risk management.


  • ProcurementPath

    Use ProcurementPath to manage contracts from award to closeout. Manage the full contract lifecycle from request, negotiation, award, tracking, reporting, and closeout. Proactively manage all aspects of your contracts including modifications, spend, clauses, terms and conditions, option periods, upcoming expirations, compliance, and other contract documentation.

  • Cybersecurity Manager

    Cybersecurity Manager delivers a modern web-based capability to automate the NIST SP 800-37 RMF process and accelerate compliance, define remediation workflows, and provide real-time tracking, insight and reporting. Organizations follow a guided, step-by-step process to complete and download a comprehensive security plan and System Security Package (SSP).

  • AssetPath

    AssetPath helps you manage the intersection of your organization and your assets. Leave spreadsheets and paper forms behind and manage your assets with a secure, scalable, and easy-to-use solution that improves efficiency and decreases operating costs.

  • PortalMax

    Rapidly deploy user-centric portals to your customers to deliver an amazing and easy-to-use experience. Provides a collection of portals, themes, widgets, and templates designed to enhance the ServiceNow user experience.


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New features include STIG exports, SSP management improvements, and new US Cert and HBSS functionality.



Make procurement easy for users and the organization by automating sourcing, contract lifecycle management, purchasing, and payment activities. Guided procurement provides automated processes, end-to-end visibility, decreased timelines, and increases your organization’s efficiency and satisfaction...

Proactively manage all aspects of acquisition, tracking, scheduling, maintenance, repair, reporting, auditing, and disposition of your assets.

Provide end-to-end automation and visibility of the activities and services you supply with a centralized solution to manage activities and your workforce, deliver services, execute processes, manage data, share knowledge, and have complete control of your organization.


Stave is a professional software development firm focused on delivering functional Applications and Utilities for the ServiceNow platform.

Product Brief

Stave Maps is a flexible and configurable integration to display any location-based record in ServiceNow® on maps from both Esri® ArcGIS Online™ and Google® Maps™.

Be guided through the entire Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act compliance activity process

Protect your data and ensure compliance in ServiceNow®

Generate and maintain dynamic QR Codes linked to any record in ServiceNow®

Take your customer service to the max with full control over employee requests in ServiceNow ®

Initiate, manage, track, and measure interactions between Service Providers and Consumers in ServiceNow ®