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Public sector organizations must ensure their data, software and hardware is secure across all connected devices and networks. The Internet of Things (IoT), Operational Technology (OT) and Smart Cities solutions all work together to allow interrelated devices to communicate faster and more effectively, while securely monitoring and analyzing critical information.

The IoT, OT and Smart Cities solutions portfolio at Carahsoft brings together multiple technologies that are at the forefront of the industry. These solutions help safeguard your agency’s information by securing applications and devices, protecting connectivity for infrastructure, and more.

Trusted Provider for IoT, OT and Smart Cities Solutions

Carahsoft’s IoT, OT and Smart Cities solutions portfolio offers products and services that manage, collect and distribute large volumes of data through a secure network of devices. Discover how public sector organizations are leveraging these technologies to:

  • Manage and Protect Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and OT Infrastructure
  • Deploy Internet of Things sensors to gain actionable insights
  • Increase efficiency and sustainability with smart cities automation

Within this portfolio, Carahsoft proudly delivers secure IoT, OT and Smart Cities solutions for government.

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