What is E-Rate and Who Is Eligible?

The E-Rate program, also known as the Universal Service Fund, is the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) modernization initiative that enables access to affordable telecommunications and internet connectivity for Schools and Libraries across the United States. 

The program provides discounted telecommunication services of up to 90% off to qualified school districts or libraries. Eligibility is based on a school district’s participation in the National School Lunch Program and the urban or rural status of the residents served.


E-Rate Program for Schools and Libraries

E-Rate's Universal Service Program offers affordable internet services to eligible schools and libraries. Leverage this program to elevate student education and performance.

53,990,412 K-12 Students Served*

130,418 Schools and Library Sites Connected*

Up to 90% off on Modern Internet Services

Access to Educational Content Where Students Need It

Modernize Your Curriculum to Meet Students' Needs

*These numbers are based on the 2021 E-Rate Trends Report

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Eligible Services for E-Rate Funding 

Eligible education institutions and libraries can request funding under two primary telecommunication categories:

E-Rate Category One

Category one offers supported data transmission and internet access services

E-Rate Category Two

Category two provides schools and libraries equipment and services to support broadband connectivity

Applicants are also eligible for miscellaneous services associated with each category.

Carahsoft Helps Schools and Libraries have Access to Affordable Internet Connection 

Carahsoft partners with industry experts to help academic institutions and libraries understand their eligibility status and the services available for funding. Connect with a Carahsoft E-Rate expert to help your school or library navigate the universal service program process.