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Government agencies are responsible for leveraging data to make critical decisions that impact anything ranging from the daily lives of citizens to matters of national security. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) the public sector can efficiently and securely manage data while ensuring compliance is maintained.

Carahsoft’s technology portfolio includes the best-of-breed AI, ML and HPC capabilities to help government agencies connect technology and industry partners with solutions that fulfill mission needs. Our solution and service providers help agencies harness information and insights to improve mission-critical decisions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology Providers

AI, ML and HPC are data tools that can be applied to design, analytics, modeling, simulation and many more use-cases that lead to better outcomes and improved processes. Carahsoft’s vendor partners provide solutions that help the public sector:

  • Automate analytical processes
  • Provide real-time access to information
  • Derive meaningful insights from data

Explore Carahsoft’s AL and ML portfolio for trusted, secure solutions from our vendor partners.

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All AI & Machine Learning Vendors

Discover New Innovations in AI

Groundbreaking tools and techniques are becoming more sophisticated and innovative at a time when government needs them to tackle a wide array of challenges.
In this ebook, we share strategies and tactics for accelerating and maturing federal AI/ML initiatives, along with details about implementing new technology tools, establishing appropriate guardrails and developing metrics for success.
The Defense Department has been working for years to realize its vision of tactical edge computing. The goal? To orchestrate multiple commercial and private tactical clouds and deliver battlefield intelligence and data fusion in ways never done before.

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Carahsoft October 02, 2023
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Carahsoft October 05, 2023
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Resources for HPC, Deep Learning and More 

OpenAI-Integration-with-Skuid-thumbnail.jpg AI & MACHINE LEARNING RESOURCE
"We’ve all heard the hype around AI, so we won’t add to it here. In a nutshell, powerful new AI and machine learning capabilities are raising interesting prospects around automation and efficiency. As a result, all the major technology players are integrating this technology into their products."


Building_pixel-perfect_Experience_Cloud_portals_with_Skuid_thumbnail.jpg AI & MACHINE LEARNING RESOURCE
"Whether you call it a portal, support community, or something else, a Salesforce Experience Cloud site can be an essential part of your customer, partner, and/or employee relationships. These sites allow you to create branded digital experiences for sharing information, providing enablement materials, explaining processes, or collaborating with the people who play an important part in what your organization does."


Latest AI and ML News

Carahsoft August 30, 2023

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Carahsoft April 11, 2023

PagerDuty, Inc. (NYSE:PD), a global leader in digital operations management, today announced the general availability of PagerDuty AIOps, a solution that delivers end-to-end automation, from event ingestion through auto-remediation, to reliably process high volumes of data and events and resolve incidents quickly.