Software AG Government Solutions Integrated Justice & Public Safety

Effective justice and public safety services require accurate information delivered quickly, to many different users. The consequences are too high to accept information that arrives late, incomplete, or full of errors—all results of systems that don’t work well together. Learn how integrating your existing systems reduce these risks, as well as cutting down on error-prone, time-consuming manual processes, to enhance justice and public safety.

Protecting communities through real-time information sharing:
It’s time to start protecting communities with real-time information sharing. The legal system depends on coordination. Every time one link in the justice system receives information that’s inaccurate or incomplete—or doesn’t receive the data at all—the effects can be devastating. The solution ensures your existing technology systems communicate seamlessly with each other, so justice and public safety can be a reality for all.

San Diego gets safer with ARJIS:
ARJIS is a clearinghouse for criminal incidents and records that serves 18 local governments in Southern California, including 81 agencies. By implementing webMethods, ARJIS improved operational efficiency, simplified information access for 11,000 public safety professionals, and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in monthly mainframe maintenance costs.