Software AG Government Solutions Emergency Response

The establishment of a real-time Government Integration Hub can have a profound impact on aggregating the necessary data from all its disparate locations and facilitating the expeditious analysis of potential solutions. Such a Government Integration Hub must have:

  • Massive Scale—ability to aggregate all data from across the Federal, State and Local sources.
  • Real-Time—response time to inquiries within seconds.
  • Full Auditability/Traceability—validate data all the way back to its trusted source.
  • High Security—ensure the data is available only to trusted requesters.
  • Comprehensive Connectivity –to ALL data sources whether on-prem or cloud-based, mainframes, legacy applications, or cloud services and data lake platforms like Azure.
  • Data Independence—ability to accept, process and generate any kind of data in any format
  • Robustness—a technology platform that is proven in Banking, High-Tech Supply Chain, Fortune 500 Financial Systems, and the DoD.

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