Skedulo Solutions for the Public Sector

The Skedulo Deskless Productivity Cloud

The Skedulo Deskless Productivity Cloud delivers functionality in three primary capability areas: Manage, Engage, and Analyze.

  • Manage: deliver enriched, scalable functions, supporting schedulers in efficiently building, managing, and assigning valid schedules of work.

  • Engage: engage employees and clients through the Skedulo web and mobile applications to encourage collaboration, deliver satisfying experiences, and drive impactful work.

  • Analyze: empower organizations with increased operational insights

  • Manage
    • With Skedulo, you’ll intelligently manage the schedules of your deskless workforce on one central platform.
    • From solar technicians and home health professionals to volunteers and retail professionals in the field, Skedulo uses optimization intelligence to automatically match the right resource with the right job, every time.
    • Last minute cancellation or a technician gets sick? No problem, Skedulo will automatically adjust based on real time availability.
  • Engage
    • Skedulo empowers frontline workers with a responsive app to complete work, deliver services, track details, and be as productive as they can.
    • Communicate and collaborate in real-time using integrated messaging for both your employees and citizens.
    • And because remote work can mean remote locations with little connectivity, the Skedulo app works seamlessly online and offline.
  • Analyze
    • Today more than ever, companies need to do more with less, and having a clear and deep understanding of your entire work operation is critical.
    • With Skedulo, you’ll know how effective and efficient your work resources are in real-time and you can analyze scheduling patterns and intelligently improve service delivery to increase workforce utilization and keep the upper hand on your business.
    • The increased visibility and insights will ultimately drive the impact you need to increase the top line while optimizing the bottom line.