Partner Deployment Registration Survey

Thanks for working with Carahsoft on your ServiceNow consulting engagement! We appreciate your support in deploying ServiceNow for our public sector customers.  In order to register for partnership program points, you will need to fill out the questions below.  Some questions require exact answers; if there are issues the Carahsoft team will reach back to you for clarification before submitting.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns while filling out the survey.  Once this is completed, you should receive a call from your ServiceNow support rep within 24 business hours to guide you through next steps.  Some best practices below:

1. You will need to submit survey contacts; please note that they can only be active for one deployment at a time.  Please make sure to submit the contacts you want accordingly (submitting less may leave more contacts for other deployments as needed)

2. Please make sure to include all contact information for each person submitted as a survey reference

3. The deployment type should always be “Services”, but if you require another selection, please let us know (may lock the deployment and require different information)