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In the next series of our Identity Centric webinar, UberEther will look beyond the traditional identity governance integrations for joiners, movers, and leavers. We will discuss some of the leading edge use cases that can transform how your organizations utilizes Identity Governance to save money, accelerate your digital transformation, and operate a more secure enterprise. For too long we’ve used Identity Governance as a compliance tool that checks the boxes. Let’s explore, together, how it can be used for a people-centric approach to simplify access and accelerating business.

Watch the Recordings from Past Events: ​​​​​

Authorizing Application Access with IA Management
Speakers discuss how agencies can use their common controls programs, policies, and processes to enable a secure service mesh and the foundation by which their future Zero Trust services are built upon.

Enabling Rapid Approvals and Reminders Through ChatBots
The integration of SailPoint and ChatBots provides availability, insight, and ease of use for team members in any organization.

Enabling RPA Through SailPoint Governance
Learn some of the ways that vulnerabilities can creep into your environment when deploying RPA technologies and how to best use SailPoint to build a governance process around them.

Enabling Just-in-Time Provisioning for Business Partners and Customers
Learn how to utilize a lightweight solution that allows an organization to manage external identities without pre-configuration.

Integration with User Behavior Analytics
Learn the best practices to establish trust with users and their devices through strong identity security and behavioral analytics.

Securing Service Interactions in Kubernetes
Learn the best practices to govern authorization between workloads within a Kubernetes cluster, manage secrets, and implement Open Policy Agent (OPA) rules to control pod deployment based on risk.

Integration with Privileged Access Management
Privileged accounts represent the gateway to an organization's most valuable assets.

Integration with ITSM Solutions
Learn the benefits of including your ITSM tool into your identity program to alleviate the challenges in your service operations.

Managing Access and Licenses in O365
Learn the benefits of combining Microsoft & SailPoint to govern your modern enterprise.

It’s All About the Data:
Most organizations look to HR for the data that drives their identity governance systems. In reality, that's just the start.

Accelerating Access to Applications:
Learn how to utilize attributes to automatically grant and revoke access to applications and best practices onboarding new ones.

Mastering Data Quality:
Identity governance solutions serve as the nerve center for user data. By focusing on data quality you enable your entire organization.

Governing Contractors:
We will look at best practices for onboarding new contractors into your organization and governing them across multiple projects.

Certifying & Offboarding Contractors:
Ensure on a scheduled basis the access your contractors have and ensuring they're efficiently offboarded at the end of their contract.

Managing Applications with DevOps:
Learn how to utilize DevOps and application templates to manage applications and continually push new updates into production

Onboarding New Employees:
Learn some of the tips and tricks to onboard new employees quickly and ensure that they are productive on their first day in the office.

Enabling User Behavior Analytics:
Bridge Splunk, Arcsight, and Exabeam to beat insider threats through identity governance, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.