RiskRecon Own Enterprise™

RiskRecon Own Enterprise™ monitoring service is designed specifically for the exacting demands of an organization that assesses its own organization’s security performance.

Just like RiskRecon Advisor™, the RiskRecon Own Enterprise™ solution combines: (a) an analyst-built company profile, (b) analyst trained supervised machine learning model, and (c) RiskRecon automated scanning service. As an additional step, RiskRecon analysts perform a monthly manual review of your assessment to maintain lowest false positives and false negatives possible. The entire RiskRecon analysis is updated approximately every 2 weeks but if any errors are identified,

Subscriber can request an updated scan be initiated outside the standard 2 week cycle. This service also includes ongoing, scheduled reviews between our experienced analysts and Subscriber security team(s). During these reviews, Subscriber may request RiskRecon staff to conduct investigations into specific issues, create custom reports and perform additional research, and collaborate with other departments in Subscriber’s organization to advise on remediation steps.