VMware partnered with Carahsoft to create this resource hub about IT modernization

Secure Your Network with Cloud Application Management Services

Learn How to Optimize Your App Modernization Strategy with VMware NSX & Tanzu

In 2022, the emergence of new cybersecurity threats will cause rising demand for modernized, highly secure applications. VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer and VMware Tanzu provides government organizations with modernized applications that are hosted in the cloud to ensure network security.

VMware and Carahsoft have compiled a suite of resources dedicated to helping your government organization learn why cloud application modernization and network security management services are essential for success. Fill out the form to access the following six resources:

8 Tips for Application Delivery thumbnail
8 Tips for Application Delivery
VMware sponsored Doyle Research report
VMware Your Cloud Security Dilemmas, Solved thumbnail
Modern Apps on VMware Cloud Foundation
VMware’s solution brief on the synergies of VMware Cloud Foundation with VMware Tanzu
Powering the Next Generation of Remote Work thumbnail
Kubernetes for Operators
VMware’s solution brief on VMware Tanzu and Kubernetes
  • VMware Tanzu: Kubernetes for Operators – Level-up your operations with custom configurations for each modernized application
  • Modern Applications on VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu – Future-proof your hybrid cloud platform for application management
  • Doyle Research’s Eight Tips for Application Delivery for 2021 and Beyond – Ensure the load-balancing agility of your public cloud
  • Advanced Load Balancing from VMware – Refresh your hardware to avoid an over-provisioned network
  • The Business Value of VMware NSX – Transform your organization from monolithic application development to modernized application deployment with cloud-native microservices
  • VMware’s The State of Kubernetes – Stay ahead of your competitors by implementing the most up-to-date Kubernetes ecosystem

Fill out the form and download the resources to discover how to modernize your organization’s mission-critical operations with VMware’s secure cloud, database, and remote work capabilities.