Exploring VMC on AWS with Your Team at Carahsoft

[Video Series] Accelerate Your Agency’s IT Modernization Efforts with VMC on AWS GovCloud

Government IT teams strive to develop a hybrid cloud strategy that will not compromise security and agility. Agencies need a hybrid cloud platform that will allow them to successfully migrate, modernize and protect critical workloads while complying with government regulations.

This video series explores the key features and capabilities of VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS. Discover how the public sector can utilize VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) when delivered as a service on AWS GovCloud.

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Watch the video series to learn more about:

  • The capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Regions available, hardware options, and creating a SDDC
  • How to access features and integrations offered by VMC on AWS
  • How to migrate workloads from on premises to the cloud
Introduction to VMC on AWS

This video goes over an introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS and the different capabilities that VMC on AWS offers.

How to create a SDDC

This video will cover the different regions available with VMC on AWS, hardware options, and how to create your SDDC on the VMC on AWS console.

Hybrid Linked Mode

Introduction to the new feature offered by VMC on AWS and how to access it.

vMotion Workloads to VMware Cloud

This video will go over how to vMotion your workloads from on premises to the cloud SDDC.

How to Migrate Virtual Machines using VMware HCX

Introduction to VMware HCX and how to enable large scale migration without any application downtime.

How to create a FSx with VMC on AWS

Introduction to FSx and how to connect your FSx with VMware Cloud.

Creating a Content Library Using AWS S3

Introduction to Content Library and how to connect your AWS files into VMware Cloud.

Introduction to Site Recovery and DRaaS

High level overview of how to protect your workloads using SRM and DRaaS.

VMC on AWS - Native Integration - AWS Application Load Balancer

Creating an Amazon Application Load Balancer to load balance secured web traffic to servers hosted on VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure.

VMC on AWS - Native Integration - Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Creating a Web Access Control List (ACL) with AWS WAF - to protect applications running on VMware Cloud on AWS.